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High-Quality & Value-Priced

We wouldn’t put our name on something if we didn’t stand by it. Brookshire’s brand products are taste-tested and approved by our very own people so that we can take our family home to yours.

10% OFF 6 or More Bottles of Wine

Let us help you find the perfect wine for your next meal or event. We carry a wide selection of wines from around the world at every day low prices, so go ahead swirl, sniff, sip and enjoy.

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When you want to try a new beer, you shouldn't have to buy an entire 6-pack. You should be able to taste a new beer without making a serious commitment. We let you mix and match beers to create a custom 6-pack.

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Earn 100 YourPoints each time you purchase $50 or more in baby products.

Senior Discount

5% OFF your grocery purchase every Tuesday & Thursday. *Must be 60+ to qualify. Excludes fuel (all grades), tobacco, alcohol, milk and dairy purchases (Louisiana only), pharmacy prescriptions, Brookshire’s Gift Cards, Western Union money order and money transfer services, postage stamps, lottery tickets, event or entertainment tickets, bill pay, check cashing, or other store office service items or fees, rental, deposit, or exchange fees, charitable donations, items purchased without using your valid Thank You Card, items purchased at any non-participating Brookshire retail location, and any other item prohibited by Brookshire's in its sole discretion or by law.