Wine Club - Prosecco

Lamarca Prosecco WineAll winter, I wanted to hunker down by the fireplace with a glass of a full-bodied red wine, like a Cabernet. As the weather warms, I seek out a lighter, fruitier, crisper wine, one I can see myself sipping on the patio.

Prosecco is the perfect choice.

An Italian white, prosecco can be sparkling, semi-sparkling or “still.” It’s usually light and aromatic, with fruit flavors and notes like peach or pear. In Italy, prosecco might be consumed at any time, with any meal. I enjoyed a glass with a lunch of a rich ragu over thick noodles on a side street in Rome and another while cruising down the canal in a vaporetto on a chilly evening in Venice. Outside of Italy, prosecco is generally an aperitif or dessert wine.

Prosecco is served chilled and best consumed when it’s a younger wine, as it can become stale.Serve prosecco in a flute, so the bubbles can aerate the wine and bring all the flavors to life. Prosecco is also the wine of choice in a Bellini cocktail, and can be used in a mimosa as well.


You don’t want to waste a single drop of prosecco, but it’s easy to overpour a sparkling wine. To pour a perfect prosecco, hold your glass at a 45-degree angle, and pour slowly. You can also prep the glass by pouring about a tablespoon of prosecco in and letting it rest before filling the rest of the glass.

Published 02/28/2019