Top Shopper Benefits

Thank You Card customers spending an average of $100 or more per week during a specific 13-week period qualifies for special rewards and privileges as Brookshire’s Top Shoppers during the next 13-week period.


Congratulations! If your register receipt prints this message: “We hope you are enjoying your Top Shopper Benefits!”, that means you have qualified as a Brookshire’s Top Shopper for the current identified 13-week period.

Qualifying Dates:

  • 10/2 – 1/7
  • 1/8 – 4/7
  • 4/8 – 7/7
  • 7/8 – 9/29

If you don’t currently see the message on your receipt, the next review will include spending on your Thank You Card at Brookshire’s stores for the previous 13-week period.  How do you keep your average at $100 per week? By simply shopping regularly at your local Brookshire’s store.

The average spend for a customer’s household includes most spending with these few exceptions: fuel, sales tax, BGC gift cards, service desk transactions (check cashing, money orders, Western Union, etc.) Take advantage of our Brookshire’s pharmacies (if available) and the portion of prescriptions you pay out of pocket also counts toward your spending average. And, if you need a birthday gift or if you’re going out to eat, pick up a third-party merchant gift card at your Brookshire’s store because those purchases are also included in this spending calculation.


1. Expect special services at our store offices by using your Thank You Card to:

  • cash personal checks up to $100 with no check cashing fees and no personal identification required (at our store office only).   Weekly limits and maximum cash back restrictions apply – see store for details.
  • purchase money orders (at our store office) with no money order fees.

2. Enjoy additional rewards from time to time as a personal thank you.

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