Cat and Dog snugglingPets are patients, too! You can fill your pet’s human-equivalent and veterinarian medications at any of our BGC Pharmacies! Let us help you keep your pet happy and healthy at affordable prices.

Ordering Steps for Pet Meds:

  1. Obtain a prescription (if required) and bring to your local BGC Pharmacy. You can also request to have your veterinarian’s office fax or send the prescription to your pharmacy.
  2. If your pet has never filled a prescription with us, we may ask you some questions to build your fur-baby a medication profile.
  3. We will process your pet’s prescription and confirm the price with you (before ordering the product, if necessary).
  4. Depending on medication availability, your pet’s prescription could be ready for pick-up same day or within 24-48 hours after receiving the prescription.

View list of available pet medications.

Pet Medications FAQs

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