Jack’s Produce Company

Jack’s Produce CompanySince 2004, Jack’s Produce Company has been thriving deep in the heart of Texas.

Partners David Jones and Joe Koch teamed up to grow, farm, pack, cool and ship not only green beans and cabbage, but sweet corn, squash and broccoli as well.

A year-round farm, Jack’s carefully rotates produce through the seasons to ensure you get your product at the peak of freshness.  In fact, all vegetables are machine harvested and arrive at the packing facility within 45 minutes of leaving the fields and are in your Brookshire’s stores before two days have passed.

When it comes to corn, Jack’s has even trademarked their Sweet Medina corn, known for its particularly sweet yellow varietal.

When you see cabbage, corn, green beans, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, greens and watermelon in your store, chances are, it came from a local farmer like Jack’s, who put quality, value and taste second to none.

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