Wine has been a popular and important beverage for thousands of years. Whether in celebrations or ceremonies, wine is just as much a part of many cultures and religions as it is a part of cuisine. Its culinary purposes cannot be overlooked, however, as the acidity in wine can add balance to rich and savory dishes as well as sweet desserts. Let us help you find the perfect wine for your next meal or event. We carry a wide selection of wines from around the world at every day low prices, so go ahead swirl, sniff, sip and enjoy.

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Champagne is a Sparkling White wine made in France and traditionally poured as a celebratory drink. It undergoes secondary fermentation after bottling under high pressure to create carbonation, giving the wine its signature bubbly appeal. .

Moscato is an Italian Sweet White wine that is low in alcohol content and a good first choice for anyone new to wine. It can be made sparkling, still or as a dessert wine, but all will bear the same unique aroma and flavor of the Muscat grape, which is one of the oldest grown varieties in the world.

This Sweet White wine is made from one of the most aromatic white grape varieties in the world and originates in Germany where it is still very popular. Riesling is beloved for its mouthwatering and tart sweetness. This wine is a great selection for beginners and is low in alcohol because of its sweetness.

Pinot Grigio
Also called Pinot Gris in France, this Zesty White wine is dry with flavors ranging from lemon-lime and pear to melon and peach. It is known as Italy’s most popular white wine and is best served chilled and young. The thirst-quenching and light-bodied characteristics make this a perfect summertime wine.

Sauvignon Blanc
More acidic than Pinot Grigio, this dry and light-bodied Zesty White wine originated in France, but is the signature wine of New Zealand. It is traditionally aged in oak barrels, so it can continue to mature for years after it is bottled, providing the wine more complexity with a fuller body

A popular Rich White wine known for its buttery taste, Chardonnay originated in France like many other wines. If the wine is aged in oak, it will taste creamier than unoaked wine, which is lighter with apple and citrus flavors.

Although a bold and spicy Medium Red wine traditionally, White Zinfandel is the much more popular Rosé version of this grape variety that was created by accident and is primarily made in California. While focusing on producing a bolder Red Zinfandel, winemakers in the 1970s removed much of the juice from the must before fermentation. Instead of wasting the extra juice, it was fermented for a short time, creating a sweet and fruity flavor.

Pinot Noir
One of the most sought-after Light Red wines, Pinot Noir originated in France and requires much care when growing and harvesting because the fruit is so fragile. It is a popular wine that can be paired with a wide range of foods because of its subtle flavor.

Right in the middle of the spectrum of red wines, Merlot is popular for anyone new to red wine because of its fruity taste and smooth finish. This Medium Red originated in France and can be enjoyed with a large variety of dishes. The complexity of the wine is increased by aging in oak barrels and provides potential for bottle aging.

Cabernet Savignon
A Full Red wine originating in France that is usually oak-aged then aged again after bottling. It is the bold characteristics brought out by time that make this wine one of the most popular varieties in the world. Younger wine provides fresh fruit, yet spicy flavoring, while years of aging bring deeper flavors of earth.

Also known as Shiraz, this Full Red is somewhat dry and among the darkest red wines originating in France. It offers immediate bold, fruity flavors before tapering off into a spicy pepper aftertaste. It is aged in oak barrels to produce an intense, flavorful wine with a smooth finish.

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