We all know we’re supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables. They're good for you! They're delicious! But nobody tells us how to choose them. How do you know if an apple is ripe? How do you choose a good pineapple?

Well, start by coming to Brookshire’s! We bring in the best, freshest fruits and vegetables we can find – from the best local farmers and from top-quality growers around the world. And our produce specialists love to help you, whether you need help choosing a ripe melon, figuring out which squash to select or learning what to do with that fresh pomegranate.

Whether you want the ease of precut, prepared fruit, veggies and dips; the convenience of salads already in a bag from Fresh Express or you want to prepare your own fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Meet us in the produce department!

Or, read more about our produce offerings by selecting the links on this page.

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