Who Needs Sugar?


Maybe a health concern, or maybe you just like your baked goods without a lot of sugar. Either way, you’ll find plenty of choices at your Brookshire’s Bakery!

Do you know the difference between sugar-free products and No Sugar Added foods? They may sound like the same thing, but depending on your reason for avoiding sugar, one product may be better for you than the other. They’re both healthy choices, but they accomplish their goals in different ways.

Sugar-free products have no sugar in them. Period. Instead, they use artificial sweeteners, such as Nutra-Sweet, Splenda, saccharine and other carbohydrate-free products. Carbohydrates are the key factor. Diabetics need to watch their carbohydrate intake, and sugar is just one type of carb. If you look at the nutrition label on a product, sugar-free foods will have a very low carbohydrate count – less than a half-gram per serving. That’s what a diabetic shopper looks for.

No Sugar Added (also called NSA) products do not use sugar as an ingredient, but there may be other natural sugars present in the food. Milk contains natural sugars (lactose), and vanilla, eggs and other ingredients have naturally occurring sugars. Other natural sweeteners include honey, fructose, corn syrup and dextrose. These ingredients aren’t sugar, but they will still raise your blood glucose levels. If you look on a nutrition label, No Sugar Added foods will have a higher carbohydrate count. If you’re looking for healthier types of sweeteners and don’t have a need to restrict carbs, then NSA foods are a great choice.

If you’re not sure which products in the Brookshire’s Bakery fit your needs, please ask one of the bakery staff. And while you’re there, take a look at some of our healthy choices. Some are sugar-restricted, while others are popular for a number of other reasons.

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