Frequently Asked Questions

We want to help you find just the right cake for your special day, one that reflects your style, taste and budget. Our in-store, professional decorators are trained in the latest styles and techniques to give your cake the flair you’ve always dreamed of. They’ll work with you to create a cake that matches the colors, theme and beauty of your wedding.

We know your cake is an important part of your wedding day, so let us answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

When should I order my cake?
At least one month in advance is best. You can order closer to your event, but your choices may be limited.

What size cake do I need to order?
You will need to know how many people you plan to serve and build from there. Each cake we produce carries with it the estimated average number of people served. Adjustments can be made in many instances to accommodate your needs.

For round and tiered wedding cakes, see price list below for estimated number of guests served per cake.

For sheet cakes, this guide will help you estimate the number of guests served per cake:

Sheet Cake Sizes  Serves
(Based on 2″ x 2″ serving slice.)
1/8 Sheet – 9″ x 6″ 12 
1/4 Sheet – 9″ x 13″ 24
1/2 Sheet – 13″ x 18″ 48
Full Sheet – 18″ x 26″ 96

What if I want to change something on the cake?
Alterations can be made to accommodate the style and colors of your event. You can work with our floral manager to have your choice of flowers used as decorations. Your choice of color can be incorporated, as well. In many instances, cake flavors can be custom-ordered. Please check with our bakery assistant on availability.

Can you match the color of my dress or flowers?
Yes, just bring in a color sample so we can get as close as possible to the chosen shade.

Will the cake be hard to transport to the event, and then to set up?
Remember to set each boxed layer on a flat surface and keep it at a temperature that is comfortable for you. The cake does not have to be refrigerated, but do not allow it to become too warm. The pieces go together easily and the procedure will be fully explained to you before you leave with the cake.

How does the fountain work?
The fountain is operated by electricity so plan to have an electrical outlet near your cake table. It is recommended that you use distilled water in the fountain. Tinting the water in the fountain may stain your table and the fountain.

What is included in the listed price of the cake?
In many cases, everything that you see in the photograph is included in the posted price of the cake. The few exceptions include fresh and silk flowers, gum paste flowers and cake toppers. Our bakery assistant will be able to guide you.

When do I pay for the cake?
We request a $50 deposit when the cake is ordered and payment in full at least a week before the cake is ready to be picked up.

How much should I expect to pay?
Standard Wedding Cake Prices – $2.00 per slice

Cake Sizes Serves Price
6″ – 10″ 53 $106.00
6″ – 8″ – 12″ 95 $190.00
6″ – 10″ – 14″ 130 $260.00

Wedding Cake Prices for Grooms Cakes – $1.50 per slice

Double Layer Cakes
Cake Sizes Serves Price
10″ Round 39 $58.50
12″ Round 56 $84.00
14″ Round 77 $115.50
16″ Round 100 $150.00
18″ Round 138 $207.00
8″ x 8″ 26 $39.00
10″ x 10″ 40 $60.00
12″ x 12″ 60 $90.00
14″ x 14″ 80 $120.00
16″ x 16″ 100 $150.00
Single Layer Cakes 
Cake Sizes Serves Price
9″ x 13″ 24 $36.00
18″ x 13″ 48 $72.00
18″ x 26″ 96 $144.00
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