November 14, 2015
Main Street Swirl – Three partners volunteered for 12 hours giving samples from the bakery and deli to people participating in the event.

October 31, 2015
Trick-or-Treat on Main – Five partners held a costume contest and passed out candy to kids on Main Street for nine hours.

October 17, 2015
Fall Fest – 14 partners ran a booth for Clifton Main Street and sold drinks and shirts for them. They volunteered for 118 hours.

September 29, 2015
School Board Meetings – Each month Store Director Bobby Taylor attends monthly School Board Meetings.

June 1, 2015
School Board Training – Store Director Bobby Taylor attended 14 hours of School Board Training.

June 11, 2015
Dive in Movie at the Pool – Three partners volunteered to work the concession stand at the Clifton City Pool for six hours. Proceeds went to the National Honor Society at Clifton High School.

June 6, 2015
Glow Run – Six partners volunteered for twenty-eight hours running and throwing colored powder on participants at Clifton City Park.

May 16, 2015
Tour de Norway Bike Tour – Three partners ran a pit stop for bike riders to freshen up for twenty-one hours. They served drinks and snacks.

April 25, 2015
Meridian Youth Baseball/Softball Association – One partner participated in the Live Pro Wrestling fundraiser for eight hours. This partner helped set up and take down the event and helped with the concession.

April 4, 2015
Easter in the Park – Seventeen partners hosted an egg hunt at the city park for the community. The goal of the event was to bring family and friends together for a good time to egg hunt, eat hot dogs and drink lemonade.

April 1, 2015
Meridian ISD Board Meeting – One partner is on the Meridian ISD School Board that meets once a month.

March 1, 2015
Meridian ISD Board Meting – One partner meets with the Meridian ISD School Board  each month for an hour.

February 16, 2015
Meridian ISD Board Meeting – A partner participated in a Board meeting for the school.

January 2, 2015
Meridian ISD Board Meeting – A partner volunteered for two hours to be on the board for the school.

December 9, 2014
Meridian ISD Board Meeting – One partner volunteered for an hour to participate in the School Board Meeting.

December 6, 2014
Christmas Parade – Ten partners decorated a float and then rode on the float and passed out candy. They volunteered for thirteen hours.

November 17, 2014
Meridian ISD Board Meeting – The store director attends monthly meetings for Meridian ISD for an hour.

November 8, 2014
Clifton Swirl – Three partners participated in the annual Clifton Swirl where businesses serve samples. The partners volunteered for twelve hours serving deli and bakery samples.

October 31, 2014
Trick or Treat on Main – Five partners volunteered to pass our Halloween candy to children on Main St. for ten hours.

October 25, 2014
BBQ Cook Off – Two partners volunteered to run the gate by charging tickets and placing wristbands on people. The event helps raise money for two scholarships that are given out every year and this year 25% of the money went towards a donation for the baseball association.

October 20, 2014
Meridian ISD Board Meeting – The store director attends monthly meetings with the Meridian ISD for two hours.

October 11, 2014
Clifton Main Street – Five partners volunteered for forty-one hours helping raise money for Main St. They ran their booth and sold drinks and shirts.

October 17, 2014
Advertising Extra Points – Three partners passed out cards and helped explain the texting everyday to help earn money for the school from the Extra Point. They volunteered for 8 hours.

July 18, 2014
Clifton Rodeo Parade – Fourteen partners volunteered to pass out candy at the annual rodeo parade for fourteen hours.

June 30, 2014
District Baseball Tournaments – Five partners volunteered for run the concession stand for three days.

June 28, 2014
St. Jude Trail Ride – The ride benefits St. Jude hospital that has local ties. Five partners volunteered to cooked and pass out hot dogs to help raise money for St. Jude’s for fifteen hours.

May 17, 2014
Tour De Norway Bike Rally – Six partners volunteered to serve refreshments and snacks to participants for forty-five hours.

May 3, 2014
Clifton City Park Glow Run – Nine partners ran the water station during the Glow Run held at the City Park.

April 19, 2014
Easter Egg Hunt – Sixteen partners volunteered to host the annual Easter Egg Hunt for seventy-five hours in Clifton City Park.

April 11, 2014
Big Event – The Big Event funds the annual operating budget of the Bosque Arts Center. Partners helped serve dinner and assist with the games for four hours.

July 16 – 18, 2013
Baseball Concession Stand – Three partners helped the Youth Baseball Association serve food and drinks at the concession stand for ten hours.

July 1 – 3, 2013
District Baseball Tournament – Five partners volunteered to run the concession stand during the baseball tournament for fourteen hours.

June 29, 2013
St. Jude Trail Ride – Eight partners volunteered for twenty three hours to serve lunch to raise money for the St. Jude’s Hospital fund during the Trail Ride.

June 5 – 6, 2013
Central Texas Youth Fair Rodeo – Store volunteers created a float for the Central Texas Youth Fair Parade and passed out candy during the parade downtown. Fifteen partners volunteered for forty-two hours.

June 5, 2013
Central Texas Youth Fair Watermelon Tasting – During the annual Central Texas Youth Fair Brookshire’s donates watermelons for people to taste. Fifteen partners volunteered for forty-three hours cutting and sampling watermelons.

May 18, 2013
Bosque Tour De Norway – Seven partners volunteered for fifty two hours running a pit stop for the bicyclist’s and passed our refreshments and snacks to them.

May 3, 2013
Relay for Life – Twelve partners volunteered for sixty seven hours to sell drinks and breakfast burritos to raise money for their Relay for Life team. Partners also volunteered to walk all night.

April 27, 2013
Boots’ N Brew – Event is sponsored by the city of Clifton and partners volunteered to sample items from the deli and bakery. They volunteered for sixteen hours.

April 24, 2013
Clean Up West – Eight partners traveled to West and helped pick up trash and organize their donation center by putting items on pallets and wrapping them.

April 13 – 14, 2013
Bosque Arts Fundraiser – Partners helped the Arts Center by explaining games to the people that games. The next day partners helped take auction prizes to buyer’s cars.

March 30, 2013
Easter in the Park – Brookshire’s hosted the Easter Egg Hunt for the City of Clifton. They purchased the eggs, drinks and advertisement for the hunt.

November 10, 2012
Clifton Swirl – Partners gave out samples from the deli, bakery and market department. They volunteered for 19 hours and all proceeds benefited the Clifton Chamber of Commerce.

October 31, 2012
Halloween Downtown – Brookshire partners hosted a costume contest downtown for the local children and they passed out candy on Main St. Nine partners volunteered for sixteen hours.

October 20, 2012
Fall Fest – Fourteen partners sold drinks during the annual Fall Fest to raise money for Clifton Chamber of Commerce for ninety-six hours.

October 6, 2012
Boots and Helmets – The purpose of event was to raise money for Clifton Volunteer Fire Department to help replace equipment that was damaged. Partners sold refreshments and helped make plates for the volunteer fire department. They volunteered for forty-three hours.

May 12, 2012
First Annual Tour De Norway Bike Race – One hundred eleven out of town bicyclers descended for the annual bike rally. Partners volunteered to assist at rest stops passing out snacks to the riders.

April 7, 2012
Easter in the Park Egg Hunt – Partners assisted hiding the eggs, setting up and passing out drinks to local children.

October 31, 2011
Trick or Treat Downtown Square – Volunteers from the store constructed a backdrop and passed out candy and held the annual costume contest. 

October 15, 2011
Fall Fest – Partners volunteered their time to assist the Clifton Chamber of Commerce and Main Street program in manning their concessions in efforts to raise money for future Main Street event. Partners volunteered over 92 hours.

June 1, 2011
Central Texas Youth Fair – For the fourth year in a row partners served sliced watermelon at the annual youth fair. They served watermelon for two hours and volunteered 25 hours for this event.

May 14, 2011
Clifton Swirl Wine and Food Tasting Event – Wineries from around Texas traveled to Clifton sampling and selling their home grown homemade wines. Partners sampled products from the store and informed visitors of the additional services we offer.

April 23, 2011
Easter in the Park – Partners served over 200 hotdogs and made a lot of young ones smile. They cleaned up the park and helped hide the eggs for the kids.

April 16, 2011
Easter Egg Hunt – Partners volunteered over 16 hours assisting the local Chamber of Commerce with an Easter egg hunt. Brookshire’s donated 250 hot dogs to feed the participants. They also donated their time to helping clean the park.

March 26, 2011
Super CenTex Baseball Tournament – Partners from Brookshire’s volunteered to work concessions at the local baseball complex during a tournament. The complex was built solely by the sweat of volunteers.

November 13, 2010
The Clifton Swirl – The event brought “Way Out Wineries” of Texas into Clifton. Eight downtown locations opened their doors to show what downtown has to offer. Partners featured party trays that the deli and bakery have to offer during the holidays.

October 30, 2010
Halloween Costume Contest – Held in the conjunction with City of Clifton. Over 80 children participated in the event. Partners dressed up and passed out candy and judged costumes.

October 16, 2010
Clifton Fall Fest – Partners assisted with organizing and selling drinks. All proceeds benefited the Fall Fest. Also, assisted with the car show.

October 13, 2010
Way Out Wineries – Held in downtown Clifton to help bring awareness of what Clifton has to offer. Partners sampled party trays and research the cheeses and wine for the wine pairing.

September 11, 2010
Clifton Clean Up Day – Brookshire’s assisted the citizens of Clifton in a clean up effort of the city. Primary contribution was to assist people with unloading their unwanted goods and distributing them into the proper containers and provided water for the event.

June 3, 2010
Central Texas Fair and Rodeo – For the third year the store hosted a watermelon social for exhibitors at the fair ad rodeo. They were well received.

Heroes Run
Heroes Run