Brookshire’s Breaks a World Record and Gives Back

Brookshire's Breaks a World Record and Gives Back

This week, more than 36,000 cans will be stacked to create the largest can pyramid in the world! This will shatter the current record of 31,001 can held by Transmed Overseas and Pringles (both UAE) since November 12, 2015. Brookshire Grocery Company has teamed up with Cans Get You Cooking to make this attempt possible in celebration of National Canned Food Month. Volunteers will converge on the East Texas Food Bank beginning February 22nd to meticulously build the pyramid, one can at a time. Our pyramid is expected to be completed on Friday, February 24th at a height of approximately 12 feet, resting on a stable base of almost 300 square feet. The veggies used in construction represent enough food to feed a stadium full of canned food fans!

Stay up to date as we add photos to the album below and check the Brookshire’s Facebook page to send some encouragement to our volunteers working to make history. You can also watch the live feed here.

Giving Back
Every can used in the record-breaking attempt will be donated to the food bank to be distributed throughout their 26-county service area. Hunger Relief is one of the four pillars of our giving program at Brookshire Grocery Company and this effort will add more than 30,000 meals to the 2.4 million meals we have provided to families in recent years. Supporting our communities is one way we can take care of families in our market area. We give where we live, and we saw this challenge not only as a fun way to raise awareness for National Canned Food Month, but also as a small way to reflect on the impact that food scarcity has in communities we serve.

Timing is everything…
Why now? Every winter many food banks experience depleted inventory that makes it difficult to provide the services that are still so necessary for those who are hungry. With collection programs focused on the holiday season, it is easy to forget that needs extend beyond special celebrations and that hunger is still a reality for millions of Americans. Canned goods are one of the easiest items to collect and donate to your local food bank, and their contents provide affordable nutrients that are vital for a balanced diet. Our partners at Cans Get You Cooking offer great resources to build healthy meals around canned goods. Check out for more information on how canning seals in foods’ nutrition, freshness and flavor, making healthy, homemade meals a reality more often. We can all use more ideas for quick, healthy dinners!

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