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Product Talk: Wholly Guacamole® Minis

Wholly Guacamole® Minis“Mom, I need to talk to you about something,” my older son said recently.

“Okay,” I agreed, with slight trepidation.

“I’d like some different fruits and vegetables in my school lunch,” he said.

Phew, that I can do!

I found Wholly Guacamole® Minis at Brookshire’s last week, to his delight.

These small, individually packaged guacamoles are great for his school lunch. I send along carrots, celery, cucumber spears or pita wedges for him to eat with the guacamole. He’s getting a great dose of protein and good fats to keep him alert and full throughout the afternoon. You know how hard that is to accomplish with teenage boys!

Find this product in the refrigerated produce section of Brookshire’s, near the bagged salads.

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Product Talk: Brookshire’s Pizza Sauce

Brookshire’s Pizza SauceSaturday night, my boys wanted pizza. Takeout wasn’t really in the budget, plus they love making pizza at home.

Time wasn’t on our side, either, after a full day of soccer games and errands.

So, we ran to Brookshire’s and got some of Brookshire’s Refrigerated Pizza Dough and some Brookshire’s Traditional Pizza Sauce, along with the toppings we wanted on our pizzas.

Brookshire’s Pizza Sauce is a simple and delicious alternative to simmering sauce on your stove all day, especially if you’ve spent the day on the go. However, it tastes just like you’ve been stirring for hours.

Brookshire’s Traditional Pizza Sauce blends tomatoes with Italian spices and parsley to give your pizza a homemade flavor with the ease of takeout.

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Product Talk: Herdez Guacamole Salsa

Herdez Guacamole SalsaThe first time I saw this product on the shelf at Brookshire’s, the bright green color caught my eye. It IS springtime after all, and this is just pretty.

It sounded intriguing, too. I love green salsa and guacamole, so I figured the combination of the two must be pretty spectacular.

I wasn’t wrong.

I first ate it with chips as a dip, but then I decided I needed to make something with it. I made chicken-cheese enchiladas and used this as the sauce. They were amazing.

Herdez® Guacamole Salsa blends avocado with tomatillos, onions, jalapeño peppers and cilantro. It definitely has a spicy kick to it but with a wonderful complex heat that leaves you wanting more.

I’ve since used this as a dressing for salad, as a sauce on soft tacos and as a topping for scrambled eggs in the morning.

There will always be a bottle in my pantry and refrigerator from here out.

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Product Talk: Easter Novelties

Easter NoveltiesI walked through Brookshire’s today and made my plan for Easter this year.

Pretty much everything you need can be found at Brookshire’s to celebrate Easter on April 16.

There’s candy. Lots of it. From Peeps to Cadbury Eggs to Russell Stover chocolates, mini M&M’s, Starburst fruit chews, Skittles, robin’s eggs and jelly beans, you can fill your little ones’ baskets to the brim with candy at Brookshire’s.

That’s not all. There are chocolate bunnies that come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and even cookies and cream varieties, either in hollow or solid versions.

You can get prefilled plastic eggs for all those egg hunts that you contribute to, even ones with inspirational Christian messages already inside.

Do you need stuffed chicks, fluffy bunnies and sweet toys, too? Don’t worry; we have them, along with anything you’ll need to fill your Easter baskets for a joyful celebration.

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Product Talk: Fresh Crawfish

Fresh CrawfishEach spring, crawfish come into season in the South, and there’s only one place to get the freshest crawfish without having to catch it yourself: Brookshire’s.

The friendly fish monger behind the seafood counter will take your order. I recommend ordering your crawfish at least three days in advance of when you need it (preferably about a week), so Brookshire’s can make sure to have your order in the store when you need it.

You probably want to order 3 to 4 pounds of crawfish per person, maybe a little less for a child and maybe a bit more for your crawfish-loving friends.

Bring a cooler large enough to carry the crawfish when you pick it up from the store. It’ll likely come in a netted bag, and you want to keep it on ice until you’re ready to clean it and cook it. You should plan to cook it on the same day you pick it up from the store.
Be sure to clean your crawfish first by submerging them in a large, clean sink. Any crawfish whose tails are straight should be discarded (they are dead). Any crawfish that are obviously dead also need to be discarded. You might need to change the water in the sink more than once, until the water stays clear. Cook the crawfish immediately.

Product Talk: Galbani Mascarpone Fresca

Galbani Mascarpone FrescaOne of the staples of Italian cooking is fresh mascarpone cheese.

Labeled as Italian-style cream cheese, mascarpone isn’t what we think of as American cream cheese.

Mascarpone is a triple cream cheese that can work equally well in a sweet or savory dish. For instance, you can use mascarpone as the filling in a cannoli or the creamy layer in tiramisu, or use it as the cheese layer in lasagna or stuff it into manicotti.

This fresh mascarpone is made in the United States using Italian tradition. It’s smooth and silky, creamy and full-flavored. You’ll find it in the specialty cheese case at your local Brookshire’s store.

Try it spread on a slice of bruschetta drizzled with honey.

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Product Talk: Sweet P’s Seed and Fruit Granola

Sweet P’s Seed and Fruit GranolaMy older son loves to eat Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning, but he likes it with some added texture.

Enter Sweet P’s Seed and Fruit Granola located near the bakery in your local Brookshire’s.

Sweet P’s granola is made from healthy, fresh ingredients and baked into a sweet, crispy granola that is the perfect topping for yogurt or pudding, eaten alone as a power-packed snack, or served with milk for cereal.

The Seed and Fruit variety is full of pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds, cranberries, raisins, whole-rolled oats and honey.

He sprinkles it over his yogurt, and I’m confident he’s had the breakfast of champions.

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Product Talk: King Cake

King CakeIt’s the time of year for king cakes to be decorating the shelves of your Brookshire’s bakery in their gold, purple and green splendor!

With tomorrow being Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, tonight is the perfect time to pick up your king cake for a celebration of Cajun culture.

King cakes in Cajun culture can be traced back to the 18th century in Mobile, Alabama. They’re also wildly popular in New Orleans (probably the unofficial capital of Mardi Gras), starting on the Feast of the Epiphany in January which celebrates the three kings who visited the infant Jesus.

King cakes can be a pastry or brioche. The Southern version is generally a baked brioche adorned in a simple sugar icing in Mardi Gras colors with matching colored sugar accents. Sometimes, they’re filled with almond cream, apples or other fruit filling, or in the case of one famous crewe, chocolate ganache. Baked inside each cake (or tucked inside the bakery box for you to insert yourself, for safety reasons) is a small plastic baby, representing the Christ child. As tradition holds, the person who gets the baby in their piece of cake has to provide the king cake for the next gathering.

King cakes are fun for your family, the office or a gathering of friends, so grab one tonight at Brookshire’s.

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Product Talk: French’s Crispy Jalapeños

French’s Crispy JalapeñosFrench’s has outdone themselves.

First, they were practically the Official Food of Thanksgiving. Now, they’ve turned up the heat.


From the French fried onions that have graced the top of green bean casseroles all over America, French’s has now created the Crispy Jalapeño. Let me just tell you, you can eat them right out of the can.

French’s started with freshly picked jalapeños, sliced them and fried them in their secret batter, turning out a crispy, zesty snack full of heat and spice.

These gems are perfect on top of enchiladas or tacos, sprinkled on a taco salad or soup, baked into corn bread, and served on top of queso or spreadable dips. They’re perfect atop a burger or chicken sandwich, on grilled cheese or on top of hot dogs. The options are endless.

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Product Talk: Brookshire’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

Brookshire’s Valentine’s Day GiftsYou’re working steadily along today, maybe cruising the Internet for some dinner ideas and suddenly, you realize that TOMORROW IS VALENTINE’S DAY.

No! It can’t be!

You didn’t make dinner reservations! There’s no bubbly chilling in the refrigerator! It’s too late to order flowers without spending an arm, a leg, a kidney and your first born.

Never fear: Brookshire’s is here.

We have all of your Valentine’s Day needs without having to break a sweat – or the bank.

Brookshire’s stores everywhere are equipped to handle your last-minute Valentine’s Day needs. Stop in for a bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers or a long-lasting live plant wrapped with a beautiful bow. Select a card to go with it from our array of sweet sentiments. Already have a gift? We have wrapping paper or gift bags and ribbon to shower your sweetie with surprises.

Does the one you love have a sweet tooth? Choose from an assortment of chocolates or one of our delicious Yums cupcakes to finish out a meal or to make a sweet statement during the day.

Speaking of meals, everything you need to wine and dine your valentine is found at Brookshire’s. You can grill a heart-red ribeye, serve up some succulent shrimp Alfredo, steam a lobster tail or twirl some spaghetti for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. Don’t forget the wine or champagne. Our sommelier can help you pick out the perfect varietal to complement your meal.

Give them something to hold on to this holiday with a huggable plush toy. Kids (and adults) will adore our soft and squeezable toys. Impress your sweetie with a bouquet of balloons, and nothing will be able to pop their good spirits.

Bake something sweet to show your love how much you care for them. We have all of the ingredients for cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies and anything else you can imagine.

You can get creative, too. Is the way to your sweetheart’s heart through coffee? Put together an assortment of Brookshire’s roasts for them to enjoy. It’s guaranteed that they’ll think of you each morning as they fill their cup.

Got a house full of teenagers? How about a gift bag of their favorite snacks, an interesting magazine and some iTunes gift cards for the win? You could also pamper them with some health and beauty products like luxury hair care products, a scented candle or some luxe lotions.

The possibilities are endless, and you can find it all at Brookshire’s.

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