Paper Products, Storage and Non–Foods


Brookshire's Paper Products, Storage and Non–Foods

Brookshire's Food Storage and Baking Food Storage and Baking
Pick up Brookshire’s Wax Paper for prepping, Non-Stick Parchment or Foil for baking, and Reusable Bags and Containers for storing. All of our storage bags and containers are BPA free and made in the USA.

Brookshire's Facial Tissue Facial Tissue
With Brookshire’s Facial Tissue, you can rest assured knowing that it is produced using sustainable and well-managed forestry practices for future generations. Our tissues are Rainforest Alliance Certified and made in the USA.

Brookshire's Bath Tissue Bath Tissue
Brookshire’s Bath Tissue utilizes FiberSoft and FiberStrong Technology to create an Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong Bath Tissue. What’s more, Brookshire’s Bath Tissue contains no inks, dyes or perfumes and is safe for septic and sewer systems.

Brookshire's Paper Goods Paper Goods
Let Brookshire’s help you make your meals easy and convenient with Brookshire’s Paper Plates, Bowls, Napkins, Plastic Silverware, and Paper Towels. Our paper plates are grease resistant and microwave safe, and our paper towels are designed to absorb more liquid per square inch than regular conventional paper towels.

Brookshire's Lighter Fluid Charcoal Lighter Fluid & Charcoal
Fire up the grill! Our charcoal is ridged so that it can provide better air flow, creating a faster and hotter fire, and our lighter fluid is not only odorless but also burns cleaner.

Brookshire's Trash Bags Trash Bags
Brookshire’s Trash Bags are unlike any other trash bag because of our unique packaging. Not only does it take up less space in your pantry, but it also is easier to pull the bags out of the container. Tough and tear-resistant, our trash bags also use Microban® technology to battle odor-causing bacteria.

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