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Brookshire's Bacon

Brookshire's Bacon Bacon
Bacon! Need we say more? Regular, Thick or Extra Thick slices – fill your kitchen with the aromas of Hickory or Maple-Smoked goodness and watch your family come running!

Brookshire's Fully–Cooked Breakfast Meats Fully-Cooked Breakfast Meats
Short on time, but still need your breakfast meat fix? That’s what Brookshire’s Fully-Cooked Sausage Links, Patties and Bacon are for. Ready to eat – just heat them in a skillet or pop in the microwave.

Brookshire's Fresh Chicken Fresh Chicken
Simply fresh, 100% Natural Chicken. Brookshire’s Fresh Chicken is raised on local, family-owned farms with no added hormones, no steroids and no artificial ingredients. You can enjoy the tastes of fried chicken, chicken pot pie or spicy buffalo wings the way they were meant to be.

Brookshire's Lunchmeat Lunchmeat
Brookshire’s Sandwich Meats are fresh and flavorful to make your sandwiches anything but ordinary. Our seven varieties are tender, deli-sliced and up to 98% fat free. Each is conveniently packaged in resealable containers to help retain their freshness.

Brookshire's Sausage Sausage
Fire up the grill! Brookshire’s Fresh Sausages are the perfect excuse to throw a tailgate, campground cookout or typical weekend barbecue. Try four savory varieties of Brookshire’s Bratwurst – Original, Beer, Buffalo and Pepper Jack, two spicy Brookshire’s Italian Sausages – Hot and Mild, and four juicy Brookshire’s Smoked Sausages – Beef, Original, Jalapeno & Cheese and Pecan-Smoked Garlic. Now, where’s that lighter?

Brookshire's Ham Steaks Ham Steaks
Seven 4 oz steaks with natural juices, Brookshire’s Ham Steaks are fully-cooked and perfect for a hearty ham and eggs breakfast.

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