Frozen Foods

Brookshire's Frozen Foods

Brookshire's Waffles Waffles
Feeling rushed in the morning? Pop Brookshire’s Frozen Waffles and Pancakes in the toaster for a quick, fulfilling breakfast. Light, crispy waffles and fluffy pancakes available in the flavors you love – Blueberry, Buttermilk, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Homestyle and Multigrain. For even more variety, try decadent Brookshire’s Homestyle French Toast and Brookshire’s Belgian Waffles, with extra deep pockets to hold more of your favorite toppings.

Brookshire's Frozen Fruits Frozen Fruits
Perfect for smoothies, pies, cobbler and dessert toppings, Brookshire’s Frozen Fruit is harvested at the peak of the season to ensure you get the finest quality fruit available. Each of our juicy fruits is all-natural and packaged in resealable bags.

Brookshire's Frozen Potatoes Frozen Potatoes
Brookshire’s has all your favorite potato treats: Traditional, Shoestring, Crinkle Cut, Steak Fries, Tater Treats & Crowns, and even Seasoned Fries and Wedges. Need a little more variety? Pick up a bag of Brookshire’s Onion Rings or Sweet Potato Fries. Just oven brown and serve for a delicious treat your whole family will enjoy. Don’t forget to pick up Brookshire’s Ketchup.

Brookshire's Frozen Vegetables Frozen Vegetables
Brookshire’s Frozen Vegetables are all-natural and picked at the peak of freshness. Over 60 varieties are available in Traditional, Vegetable Blends or with added sauces. Try Brookshire’s Steamin’ Easy varieties for convenience – they steam in the bag right in the microwave.

Brookshire's Pie Shells Pie Shells
Nothing is more nostalgic than the smell of fresh-baked pies in the kitchen. Brookshire’s Frozen Pie Shells make trips down memory lane more frequent and easy. Our rich and flaky crusts are ready to use right from the freezer. Each package contains two 9-inch crusts in baking tins, available in either Classic or Deep Dish, when you want a little extra filling.

Brookshire's Whipped Topping Whipped Topping
It just isn’t dessert until you top it with a dollop of Brookshire’s Whipped Topping. Available in Fat Free, Light, Original and Extra Creamy.

Brookshire's Pizza Pizza
Available in your favorite crust – Rising, Original, Thin and Ultra Thin – Brookshire’s Pizza has toppings to please everyone in your family. Pick up Cheese, Pepperoni and Supreme for classical tastes; Combination, Three- and Four-Meat for carnivore cravings; or Sicilian and Chicken Parmesan for the adventurous. Also available are our Pizzeria Style crust pizzas for that hand-tossed, fresh taste!

Brookshire's Frozen Bread Frozen Bread
Add Brookshire’s Garlic Breadsticks or Texas Toast to any meal. Made with REAL garlic, these items make a tasty complement to your favorite meals. You’ll quickly learn that one just won’t be enough.

Brookshire's Frozen Novelties Frozen Novelties
Brookshire’s Frozen Novelties are the tasty way to help cool off those hot summer days, and they come in all of your favorite flavors: Fudge Bars, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Orange Cream Bars, Round Top Cones and Fruit Bars.

Brookshire's Cookie Dough Cookie Dough
Fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh baked cookies the easy way with Brookshire’s Break ‘n Bake and Slice ‘n Bake Cookies. Three easy steps: 1) Separate, 2) Bake and 3) Enjoy.

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