Brookshire's Beverages

We’ve added three new flavors to the BLAST! you know and love! Look for Fruit Punch, Pineapple, and Grape the next time you’re walking down the soda aisle! These flavors are available in 12 packs and 2 liter bottles.

Brookshire's Tea Bags Tea Bags NEW ITEM
Sit back and sip some refreshing Brookshire’s tea make from our 100% Natural Brookshire’s Tea Bags. Choose from Black Tea (a blend of orange pekoe and cut black tea) or Green Tea (made of pure green tea with a fresh crisp taste).

Brookshire's Refrigerated Southern Tea Southern Tea
Our Brookshire’s Refrigerated Southern Tea is made in Texas with real tea leaves. Enjoy real cane sugar in our sweet tea or the cold, fresh brewed flavor of our unsweetened tea. Skip the brewing and grab a gallon for your whole family today!

Brookshire’s Premium Orange Juice Premium Orange Juice
Brookshire’s 100% Premium Orange Juice has a fresh-squeezed taste and is available in three varieties. Never from concentrate and with no added sugar or preservatives, it’s the perfect beverage to kick-start your day! Look for it in the refrigerated section of your local Brookshire’s store.

Brookshire's Juices Juices
Ready-to-go, bottled Brookshire’s Juices come in all your favorite flavors including Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Vegetable Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Prune Juice and more!

Brookshire's Bottled Water Bottled Water
State-of-the art technology is used to purify and make your Brookshire’s Water a safe and high-quality product. We also believe in responsibly providing refreshing water to our customers. That’s why we use the Eco-Air Bottle®, which has approximately 30% less plastic! Less material plus less energy to produce equals better for the environment.

Brookshire's Coffee Coffee
Our coffee beans are screened by a strict quality process to make sure they meet our demanding standards. We use local expert roasters to precisely deliver the robust tastes you desire in your favorite style of coffee. The result is a full-bodied, aromatic cup that satisfies with every sip.

Brookshire's Coffee – Single Serve Cups Coffee  Single Serve Cups
For a flavorful start to your day or a compliment to an evening dessert, Brookshire’s Single Serve Coffee Pods are up to the challenge. Patented freshness valve technology and a unique dual filter system give you the freshest cup of coffee available with more robust flavor. One sip and we know you’ll agree. Locally roasted in Tyler, TX.

Brookshire's BLAST! BLAST!
These sodas will BLAST! your taste buds! Available in Lemon Lime, Orange, Strawberry, Vanilla Cream, Ginger Ale, Cola, Diet Cola, Dr. Blast and Root Beer.


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