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Product Talk: Community® Porch Breeze™ Black Tea Bags

Nothing says “summer” to me like a tall, cool glass of iced tea.

My mom used to keep a pitcher in the refrigerator all summer long. It was a harvest gold Tupperware® pitcher with a lid that you had to spin to make sure the perforated edge was aligned with the pour spout. I’m pretty sure she still has it.

Because she made unsweetened tea (which is still my favorite…yes, yes, it is), we were allowed to have as much as we wanted, and I’m pretty sure we went through at least a pitcher a day, probably more.

Community®, who you probably know for roasting delicious coffee, is now offering tea bags, too.

I love their Porch Breeze™ Black Tea, which you can use for making hot or cold tea.

Community also offers Decaf, Signature Iced Tea Blend and Green Tea (which is also crisp, bright and refreshing).

It’s so easy to brew your own tea at home with Community tea bags. Simply boil fresh, cold water. Steep the tea bags in the water until the tea reaches desired strength (I leave mine in forever, like 30 minutes), and chill.

Now, I also have a plastic pitcher in my refrigerator all summer, except mine is clear with a red lid. It’s still unsweetened, and it’s still delicious because it’s Community, of course.

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