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Family Matters: Vacation Jar

Vacation JarThis year, we implemented the Vacation Jar.

We already had the Treat Jar. It’s a one-gallon, pottery jar with a red, white and blue motif I bought years ago on a trip to Poland. We drop our spare change into the jar and save it all year for a dinner out, or a treat we otherwise wouldn’t have.

This year, we decided we’d have a goal for our jar.

We sat down one night with pads of paper, and we all wrote our vacation goals on the pink, lined notebook paper.

Curt wants to go on a Disney Cruise.

Luke wants to go mountain climbing in Colorado.

Paul wants to go to a secluded beach in Mexico.

I want to go back to Bermuda with my family.

Ok, so a gallon jar full of change might not get us to any of those places in one year. It will allow us to go paddle boarding on the Back Bay on our beach trip this year, and possibly stay an extra night so we can visit Colonial Williamsburg while we’re in Virginia.

If we hadn’t planned a vacation already, it might have paid for a weekend in a nearby big city with a hotel stay, some museum admissions and a fun dinner out.

It’s a great goal to save as a family. It teaches the kids exactly what it takes to reach a financial goal for a family vacation. It gives them a sense of pride and ownership in the trip, and it’s fun all around.

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