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Healthy Living: Health Trends 2017

Health Trends 2017It’s January, so everyone is thinking about getting healthier, eating healthy or just generally being healthier.

I looked up the top health trends in 2017 because there’s something “new” and “hot” every year, right? I cross-referenced a number of websites to come up with this list of trends for the new year.

  1. Foods that fight inflammation, like turmeric and ginger tea, and substituting vegetables for grains and starches.
  2. Wellness travel, like taking yoga classes in Costa Rica or going on a hiking vacation in Colorado.
  3. Plant proteins instead of animal proteins. Think pea protein and hemp protein as substitutes for your beef or chicken.
  4. Have you noticed all the hair, skin and nail products on the market these days? Thank collagen and biotin for that, and for your strong hair and long nails.
  5. Franchised fitness clubs, like OrangeTheory and Pure Barre.
  6. Functional beverages. These are not shakes or smoothies, nor are they energy drinks or vitamin waters. Instead, they’re billed as “medicinal” and come in tonic or shot-sized servings.
  7. Clean inside and out. Less makeup. Less alcohol. Fewer ingredients. No preservatives. Less is more, in pretty much everything health and beauty-related.
  8. Rapid recovery in the form of cryogenics or other ways to restore your body quickly.
  9. Full fat foods are fine, but think olive oil not ice cream.
  10. Once again, wearable tech and body weight-training stay as popular as they were last year.
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