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Product Talk: Gevalia Coffee

Gevalia CoffeeI remember when Gevalia coffees were only sold by mail-order. The commercial would come on television with an elegant couple sipping coffee in an elegant location, and you’d have to order from the 1-800 number that flashed across the screen because of course you wanted to be elegant, too.

I love that you can now buy it in Brookshire’s instead. (I feel elegant when I shop at Brookshire’s!)

The distinctive yellow package stands out on the coffee aisle, giving way to rich, smooth blends of coffee inside.

Gevalia, a Swedish brand, has been making coffee for over 150 years. Today, the coffee is available in 30 roast and ground coffees, iced coffees and Keurig® K-Cup® pods.

This morning, I sipped Costa Rica Regular Ground, a medium coffee (the medium varieties supposedly have the most caffeine), and even though I was at my kitchen table in my leggings and T-shirt, I still felt elegant.

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