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Healthy Living: National Frozen Foods Month

National Frozen Foods MonthMarch is Frozen Foods Month, and I love celebrating something that preserves all the farm freshness of fruits and vegetables in a convenient, easy-to-use way.

Believe it or not, two recent studies compared the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables to their fresh counterparts and found that the frozen ones had MORE nutritional value than the fresh products.

Most frozen fruits and vegetables are flash-frozen, which means they are frozen rapidly to prevent ice crystals from forming. They are flash-frozen, either after a light steaming or immediately after being picked at the peak of freshness.

This method also keeps them safe from decay or from micro-organisms being able to grow on them. Frozen fruits and vegetables are transported to your Brookshire’s in a freezer truck, preserving their temperatures.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are also more economical than their fresh friends. Because they are preserved, you have little waste.

These days, you can find almost anything in the frozen food freezers at Brookshire’s, from broccoli florets to purple hull peas to chopped onions and green peppers to strawberries, mangos and blueberries. Check it out today.

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