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Product Talk: Total Cluster Fudge “Soooommmmore”

Total Cluster Fudge-SoooommmmoreYou know how ‘they’ say “Never grocery shop while you’re hungry?”

Well, I do all the time. Maybe it’s because I’m always hungry or maybe it’s just poor planning on my part.

Either way, it’s resulted in some purchases that I might not have made if I was full of something healthy like salad (because let’s face it, who grabs a green pepper when they’re ravenous and want something quick to nosh on?).

But sometimes something catches your eye and, hungry or not, you want to try it right then and there. This happens to me all the time in Brookshire’s.

Like these brownies. I was walking PAST the bakery section on the way to the seafood counter when I saw this container of heavenliness. They were in my shopping cart faster than you could say, “Chocolate.” Not only was I shopping on an empty stomach, but it had been a long day and these sounded like they would hit the spot.

They did.

The bottom layer of these treats is a fudgy brownie, a little gooey, just how I like it. Then, over the brownie layer, was a layer of graham crackers, topped with another layer of soft brownie and the whole thing was capped off with perfectly golden mini-marshmallows, a S’more in a brownie.

I managed to only eat one (that night).

Next time, they’ll be on my shopping list, hungry or not.

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