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Healthy Living: Green Tea

Green TeaFor years, I drank what must have been gallons of green tea each day.

I got away from the habit during the years when all I could think about was caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine, but lately I’ve been reminding myself of how much I love the green stuff.

Green tea is super healthy for you.

First of all, you aren’t overloading your system with caffeine, which isn’t good for your heart and has a law of diminishing returns. The more caffeine you drink, the more you need for it to kick you into gear. The more caffeine you consume, the worse you feel.

Secondly, green tea helps blood flow. This is obviously good for your heart and all your extremities. Green tea can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Green tea is good for your brain. Studies show that people who drink green tea have greater activity in the working-memory area of their brains. Green tea is a brain food! It has also been shown to help block the formation of plaques that are linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Green tea has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar in people who are overweight and tend to be insulin-resistant.

Don’t boil the water for your green tea. That can destroy some of the benefits of the green tea. It’s better to drink it at 165 to 170° F.

Drink green tea with peppermint to help with digestion, with ginger to help with nausea or motion sickness, with lemon to help with colds or a stuffy nose, and with honey to help with a sore throat.

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