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Family Matters: Holiday Family Tradition

Holiday Family TraditionMaking homemade dressing and gravy for the holidays has been something I have done since I started my own family 25 years ago. It is a tradition at our family gatherings that I will make these items for the feast (they are happy they don’t have too!). My family loves my dressing and gravy and it makes me feel good to know how much they enjoy it. It takes hours to prepare and get that perfect finished item, but I love watching and listening as they sit down to eat.

Over the years, I have made dressing and gravy for other family members to serve at their family gatherings and for special school events during the holidays. My kids are always excited to volunteer mom to cook. I get a kick out of knowing they are happy to share with everyone how good they think it is and that mom would love to do it. I find joy in preparing food and sharing with others…and delight that my kids see this in me.

In recent years, I have begun teaching my girls how to make homemade dressing and gravy, telling them one day I want to sit back and relax and let them take over this job. Of course, they last about half way through the process and then get tired out! Well this week, my oldest daughter volunteered to make dressing and gravy for her work party (of course I figured that meant mom was making it!) but I was pleasantly surprised to find her cooking cornbread, boiling the chicken and chopping ingredients when I got home from work. I helped very little and in the end she had a great finished product. She came home from work beaming, her colleagues raved over how good it was…the excitement in her voice and smile on her face are my reward. She now knows she can do it, and I know when she has her own family she will share this recipe with her children and continue this family tradition.

Praying your holidays are filled with lots of dressing and gravy that fills your tummy and a warmth with family and friends that fills your heart. It’s not just dressing and gravy…it is that “fullness” of family tradition. Count your blessings daily and give thanks for time with your family!

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