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Product Talk: Spontex One-Use Disposable Gloves

Spontex One-Use Disposable GlovesI was never the type for wearing dishwashing gloves. While I know they go a long way in keeping your hands soft and supple, and protecting your jewelry and nails, but to me, it was just too much hassle to pull them on and off, dry them, store them, etc.

However, there is definitely a time and place for protecting your hands from household tasks.
Case in point: Cleaning the boys’ bathroom.

This weekend, we had the additional task of having to remove an old toilet seat and replace it with a shiny, new (CLEAN) one. While we do clean the bathroom on a regular basis, the nuts and bolts of the toilet seat are a place that the boys clearly overlooked in the cleaning process.

Gloves to the rescue.

These close-fitting, sturdy, durable gloves allowed us to maneuver the nuts and bolts easily to remove the seat without getting our hands messy.

Now, my boys want to wear them for ALL the bathroom cleaning needs.

I also used them this week when I needed to clean something with bleach and didn’t want to get it all over my hands.

Inexpensive, disposable and oh-so-hygienic, these gloves now have a permanent place in my cleaning cabinet!

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