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Healthy Living: Whole-Foods

Whole-FoodsAs always, I’m in awe of and inspired by my sister-in-law and her family when we meet at the beach each year.

Nothing passes through her lips that isn’t a whole-food.

She, my brother (her husband) and her three sons are the super-healthiest people I know. Fruits, veggies, whole-grains and lean proteins. Even for snacks. Even on the BEACH. (I hid my Combos in their presence). They snacked on grapes. Almonds. Pears. Peaches. Grape tomatoes. Water. Water and more water. They ate Greek yogurt for breakfast with homemade granola. They ate lettuce wraps for lunch with hummus and roasted red peppers. Their oldest son told my youngest son that white rice wasn’t as good as brown rice, but there was no need to be prejudiced (yes, that really happened).

They are pretty inspiring. I’m not sure where my sister-in-law’s drive comes from. When she makes pancake batter, it’s with ground quinoa instead of flour. She used to make and decorate sugar cookies, but those are too unhealthy, too. Now, while I’m more of an everything-in-moderation type mama, I applaud her values for clean and healthy eating.

Whole-foods, the ones God gave us, are the best basis of a healthy diet. Plants, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and nuts are nature’s bounty that we were given to enjoy without processing and without alteration. Many studies have shown that a diet high in whole-foods is associated with a reduced risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers and Type 2 diabetes. There are so many benefits to eating whole-foods.

One tip to buying whole-foods is to shop on the outer perimeter of Brookshire’s. Stick to the produce, meats and dairy sections.

Another is to read the list of ingredients in an item. If it’s under five, you might be good to go, but choose your ingredients wisely, too.

Her family rarely gets sick. Her three young boys do Kid Triathlons. She and my brother are lean, mean, parenting machines.

Enjoy your whole-foods and your healthy life.

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