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Family Matters: Halloween Through the Years

Family Matters HalloweenLast night, I was thumbing through 12 years of Halloween pictures and it made me nostalgic.

My older son was 10 months old when his first Halloween rolled around, and I probably have seven dozen pictures of him sitting in the lawn in his green frog costume. It was probably also WAY too hot for the fleece costume, being October in Texas, but he was going to wear it, by golly.

My second son didn’t have to suffer through as many pictures, but he was only five weeks old on his first Halloween. He wouldn’t have known any better. He was a pea-in-the-pod for his first Halloween, a costume his father wouldn’t let me live down for months. However, when I was pregnant with him before we knew his gender, I called him “Sweet Pea,” so he was going to be a pea that Halloween come heck or high water. He was the sweetest, fattest little pea you’ve ever seen.

A few years later, they were Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Another year, they were Superman and Batman. I found a picture last night that was from one of my favorite years. Curt, the older son, was Mr. Incredible. Luke, the younger son, wanted to be a Sparkly Green Ghost. His words. I asked him what a Sparkly Green Ghost looked like, and he told me quite simply, “a green ghost who sparkles.”

Well, that was easy enough. We went to the fabric store, and he picked out a few yards of a sparkly green fabric. I cut eyes into it, and, voila, there was his costume. He loved it.

I made a spider costume one year, stuffing black tights with batting, sewing them onto a black sweatshirt then stringing the “legs” with fishing line so that the arms could move independently of each other.

There were two years of zombie costumes; those were easy ones and I got to play with gory, gooey costume makeup.

I thought this year could be the year they decided they were done with Halloween. Not a chance. They begged me to go to the Halloween store a few weekends ago. (I thought I could get ideas for homemade costumes, but they suckered me into buying some.) We’ll have a soldier and “Creeper” from Minecraft this year.

The fun part about my kids, and probably yours too, is that Halloween costumes aren’t only a big deal for a few hours one night a year. My boys wear their costumes out. I caught Luke sleeping with his foam Minecraft sword a few nights ago. So, even though I spent way too much money on a cardboard head and foam sword, you can’t put a price on that kind of delight.

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