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Family Matters: Getting Your House in Order

Family MattersAs a family of six, it is a task to keep our house straight and “tidy” as some would say. We are pulled in different directions, and the house sometimes is the last thing thought about, in the order of things that need to be done. As parents, we must remember the importance of teaching our children what it means to have responsibilities and to do their part at home and in life. “Getting your house in order” has more than one meaning and both, I believe, are essential.

A family must work together to keep the house running, straightened and ready for company at any time. I don’t mean it has to be perfect, but as I tell my kids, “If someone stops by unexpectedly, what do you want them to see?” They couldn’t really care less, but they know what I mean! It takes a lot to make a house a “home” and that means everyone working together to do their part. It is not the responsibility of one person to tend to the house. It is individuals working together to make it a home.

For our family, “getting our house in order” means we are active in our local church. We help weekly with a missions group, we volunteer where needed and we sometimes just spend more time in prayer. A church is like an extended family, and without everyone doing their part, it will not be as successful as it should be and the message may not be heard by all. Maybe it’s making a phone call, cooking a meal, making a house visit, stuffing envelopes, etc., but without each one, the church will not accomplish their mission.

I recently read an article with the example of a chain: one link is strong yet can’t do much by itself, but when chain links are joined, they are strong, unbreakable and can be used for so many things. Teach your children the significance of finding their place at home and at church. Age does not matter; there is a place and a need for everyone to serve. Teach them now how to “get their house in order.” What a wonderful legacy to pass on, especially in the world we live in. “Link” together as a family – step up, find your place and help make a difference!

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