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Family Matters: Hugs…A Special Touch

Family MattersAs you can guess, living in a house with four girls is always interesting, never calm and very seldom peaceful for long periods of time. When you have so many different personalities (and hormones) within the same household, you just expect days of total chaos, but I don’t think our family is any different from many others. Among all the drama and “life is never going to be the same again” happenings, there is a sisterly love and affection that they just have to be reminded of sometimes.

I have always been a “hugger” when it comes to family and close friends and sometimes just to those that I realize need something to lift them up. A hug has a special effect on people – no magic, it is just that sense of comfort and the warm embrace that lifts the heart. It is such a small gesture and yet can have such a positive effect on those whom you choose to share.

When our girls just can’t seem to find a “happy medium” or find kind words to express to one another, we make them stand in the middle of the room, both arms wrapped around their bodies and hug each other for one minute and then tell each other “I love you.” It is funny how long a minute lasts when you are embracing your sister. By the time the minute is over, they are laughing and giggling (as we are watching them), and in the end they rarely remember what the argument was about in the first place. It is nice to see them smiling and laughing, and without really knowing it, they are bonding. I think the expression “bear hug” is used because a good hug can calm even the most furious of situations.

As a parent, we cradled our little ones in our arms, what a great feeling it was, but as they get older, things change. The good news is that you can always embrace your child and squeeze them tight, and even if no words are spoken, the gesture (hug) alone speaks volumes. Your kids are never too old that they don’t need or would not welcome a hug. You will find that hugging your child will have a transforming effect on your everyday life…and theirs!

We are not promised tomorrow, so we must live each day with no regrets. Hug your family daily and be reminded of how blessed you are. Such a simple gesture will change your family and be a life lesson for your children. Count your blessings daily and give thanks for the time you have to “hug” your family.

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