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Product Talk: Lunchables

LunchablesI’m sitting on the couch with my two sons right now. They’re playing a video game on the Xbox, and I’m getting some odds and ends finished on my laptop.

“What are you writing?” Luke asked.

“A blog for Brookshire’s,” I said.

“About what?” he asked.

“It’s called Product Talk,” I explained to him, “where we highlight an item you can find in Brookshire’s or Super One Food Stores.”

“Ooooooo, write about Lunchables,” he said.

So, I am.

I discovered Lunchables were created in 1985 to sell more bologna. After a product development specialist for Oscar Meyer ran focus groups, he learned that a primary concern of working parents (primarily mothers) was not having enough time to make lunches. Couple this with the need to sell more bologna and the Lunchable was born. This was in 1985.

As of the last count, there are 26 varieties of Lunchables ranging from ham and cheese with crackers to pepperoni pizza with a Nestle Crunch mini-bar and a Capri Sun pouch drink.

Lunchables range in price from just under $2 to just over $4. They’re pre-packaged and easy to drop into a backpack or lunch sack.

“Did you write about Lunchables?” Luke asked.

“Yep,” I told him.

“That’s so cool,” he said.

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