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Family Matters: The Elf Returns

Family MattersYep, I’m one of THOSE moms.

You know the kind: the ones who stay up way too late on the nights preceding Christmas to create mischief with an elf named Saxon who comes to visit from the North Pole on December 1 every year.

My boys anticipate Saxon’s arrival with almost as much enthusiasm as they do the Big Guy in Red.

I anticipate their joy when they find Saxon hanging out somewhere on the morning of December 1. After all, Christmas magic is especially strong in the young.

This year, Saxon arrived tied with a big red bow onto the antenna of our car.

Then, last night he levitated in from the living room ceiling, “Mission Impossible” style.

Another night, he hid under the Christmas tree skirt, and yet another time he was stowed away in the cargo pocket of my son’s school uniform pants.

Saxon is a very silly elf, and the boys get a huge kick out of him.

However, this year, Saxon has come with a little extra something.

It was my sister’s idea. She’s really smart that way. It probably helps that she’s a counselor for adolescents and teenagers.

Her idea was for Saxon to bring a positive message or missive every day, along with making some mischief during the night.

So, every morning, Saxon has a note for the boys.

“Pay someone a compliment today.”

“Do a random act of kindness for someone at school.”

“Smile at a stranger.”

“Hold the door open for a friend.”

“Say a prayer for someone who needs it.”

And etc…

I love the silly Christmas magic Saxon brings to our house, and this year I really love the Christmas spirit he’s encouraging.

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