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Family MattersAs families gather around holiday tables, I’ll be enjoying a different kind of family.

You see, my parents live in Richmond, Va., along with one brother and his family. My other brother lives in northwestern Virginia. One sister lives in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., and my other sister lives near San Diego, Calif. We’re quite spread out.

Not a single one of them live near my headquarters in East Texas, and that makes me sad.

What makes me happy is that I also have a “family” that doesn’t consist of any blood relatives but people I love and who love me. It’s my best friend Connie, her daughter and her mother; my best friend Kim and her little girl; and my best friend Nicholas and the assorted firefighters he adopts at the holidays, too.

It’s fun spending holidays with non-family “family members” because you’re not stuck with the same traditions your family has had in place for the past 52 years and counting. We might have grilled turkey this year for Thanksgiving, and Christmas might bring a silly Christmas Eve pajama-clad gift swap. You just never know.

So, don’t fret if your family is far away; make a new one where your heart is!

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