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Recently my husband and twin daughters decided they wanted to go camping. This would not seem unusual except that we did not own a tent and had never been camping before. I am not sure what brought on the new adventure, but it was definitely just that. They ordered a tent and started making plans for what to take and what to do while at the lake. As they prepared, they pulled out their bicycles, fishing poles, chairs, etc. and made their pile of things to take. The trip to the grocery store to get their food came next. Three people would only be spending two nights, but it took a full-sized plastic tub to hold just their snacks. Their reason being that you never know what you might be hungry for and there is not a grocery store nearby.

When Friday came, they were so excited to pack the truck and off they went. A few hours later I received a text with a photo of the tent set up and ready to go. They had their camp looking like home and had already gone for a bike ride. Another daughter and I went out that afternoon to join in the fishing. Within about an hour, we caught a handful of fish, and I had gotten hooked in the lip but not from my fishing pole! Why does it always happen to mom?

After fishing, they decided to cook their hot dogs and S’mores over the open fire (which if it had not been 98 degrees would have been fun!). By that time, I was ready to head back to the air conditioned house and my nice comfortable bed. They proceeded to watch scary movies after dark (I still don’t understand that decision) and talked until they fell asleep. When they returned home two days later, our girls talked non-stop about everything they did while they were gone and wanted to know when they could do it again.

This trip was treading new territory, and even though I did not understand them wanting to sleep in a tent on the ground, it was such a wonderful experience. What memories they now have of a “first” camping trip with their dad, something they will always treasure! We are already planning another trip (in cooler weather, of course) with the whole family this time.   Count your blessings daily, and give thanks for the time you have to share with your family.

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