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Family Matters: Sand, Shells & Sunrise

As we began planning a family vacation it was unanimous that we go to the beach. The beach has always been a favorite place for our family – strolling for hours enjoying the sunshine and sounds of the waves, picking up seashells and sitting on the deck at night playing games and enjoying family time. Our days are spent playing horseshoes, Frisbee, building sand castles, swimming, going crabbing for supper and just doing nothing but being beach bums. What a joy to sit on the beach and watch your kids laughing and enjoying each other with no worries in the world. These days, that alone is a blessing, even if just for a moment.

When most people think “vacation,” they think sleeping late is a must, but for us, we wake up at dawn to see the sunrise over the ocean and take in the beautiful site from a deck view. We only go a few hours from home, so there is no white sand or seashores without seaweed (in Texas), but there is everything we need to make memories that will last our family a lifetime.

This year we are taking three additional kids and grandma with us which will make for a house full of fun with seven teenagers…I did say “fun” right?  They have all been talking and planning for months – who sleeps where, what we will do and what we will eat…food is always important to teenagers! We share the responsibility of the kitchen during the week and eat a lot of sandwiches, pop tarts, cereal, frozen pizzas, etc., but we never get complaints, because it is not about eating out or eating hot meals three times a day, it is about the time we spend together that is important. Every day from sunrise to bedtime seems like an eternity. At the beach, time seems to stand still, and when we can enjoy life and put our everyday worries behind us for a week it is something to be thankful for.

My husband and kids joke with me about “leaving a shell for someone else to treasure” and that it costs more coming home than going because of the weight of the seashells we are hauling back. I tell them my plan is to one day build my own beach around my above ground pool in the back yard, spread out my seashells and remember the wonderful family vacations and the special times we spent together at the beach.

Vacations are a time relax, laugh (a lot) and just delight in your family, and for every family that special place is different. Take time to “find your beach,” count your blessings daily and give thanks to the Lord for the time you have to share with your family!

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