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Family Matters: Kids and Summer

I have a rule in my house: If I hear the words “I’m bored” during the summer, my boys, ages 9 and 11, automatically incur SOMETHING TO DO.

And frankly, ‘something to do’ is often something they don’t want to do, like clean the bathroom or dust the baseboards (a ‘chore’ my mother loved to have us do…we had the cleanest baseboards in Richmond, Va.).

The point here is not to punish your kids all summer. The point is to encourage them to find other things to do to occupy their time. I catch myself saying, “When I was a kid…” but let’s be honest, times aren’t the same as when I was a child. We would head outside in the morning and not go home until dark. And that was just fine. Well if I didn’t know where MY kids were during the day, I’d panic with a capital ‘P’. In this day and age, we can’t just send our kids outside unsupervised in most cases.

But there are things they can do. Scavenger hunts in the back yard. Tried-and-true favorites like sidewalk chalk (it works really well on wooden fences, too) and bubbles. Plant a garden with your kids. Checking on it and pulling weeds is something they can do every day. Summer reading challenges: do them. Visit your local library. Go on an adventure every week. Don’t tell your kids where you’re going and give them clues so they can try to guess. Make it a challenge to go on an adventure that is completely free. Let them plan an adventure. Camp in the yard. Eat as many meals outside as possible. Give your kids a project – let them choose what to study.

Summertime, or anytime, isn’t a time to be “bored.” There’s so much do to and discover no matter where you live.

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