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Family Matters: Chores

The other night I asked my 11-year-old daughter Grace if she wanted to wash dishes or cook dinner. I really didn’t want her to choose cooking dinner because I knew I could do it faster and get it over with sooner, and besides, I did not want to do the dishes! But she chose cooking dinner, so I let her go for it.

I gave her the choice between two meals I knew she could handle, tacos or Hamburger Helper. She chose her favorite, Hamburger Helper. I gave her the Hamburger Helper box, told her to read the instructions and stayed close by in the kitchen in case she needed my help. She was able to brown the meat, add the sauce, milk, water and noodles and let it simmer all without my help.

After giving thanks for our dinner, Grace proudly announced that she had prepared the dinner all by herself. She was very proud of herself that night and, even being the picky eater that she is, ate everything on her plate!

Kids are often more willing to eat foods they have prepared, and the process encourages communication and family togetherness. It all starts in the kitchen. Whether that means the young ones wash the greens or older siblings help with some of the more involved recipes, a little cooking camaraderie goes a long way. There are many easy tasks that kids can do in the kitchen to help you out:

• Washing fruits and vegetables
• Measuring using a measuring cup
• Pouring liquids
• Stirring with a spoon
• Cracking eggs (Kids love this one!)
• Setting the table
• Cleaning up after dinner

Kids have so much fun in the kitchen – so don’t keep them out. Involve your kids with specific kitchen jobs and watch their culinary interest and ability soar. I think next week we’ll have “Taco Tuesday,” and I’ll let Grace be the chef!

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