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Family Matters: Middle School

I woke up one day last week and, seemingly overnight, was staring straight into the strange face of Middle School.

How did my BABY, my firstborn, end up ready to go to middle school?

It’s not possible.

After all, he was just born yesterday – or the day before – or ELEVEN years ago.

How did that happen?

The thought of middle school has been a scary one for us. There are lots of good middle schools in our area; the scary part was finding a good one for our son.

Curt has autism. Yes, he’s high-functioning, but still, the thought of navigating the social mores of middle school has been scary.

Every parent of a middle school student faces this. Every. Single. One. Whether your child has special needs or not. Will he make friends? Will he be able to work his locker combination? Will he be able to stand up to the inevitable bullies or mean kids? Will he do well academically? Will he be happy?

And that’s the bottom line, really. Will he be happy?

He’s going to a great school, a small school. Where I don’t worry as much about lockers and getting lost in the hallways. He’ll still face mean kids. He’ll still face the rigors of academia. But as a parent, whatever I can do to reduce the other, outside factors, I’ll fight to do. And I feel good about him going to this middle school. I’ve prayed about it. I’ve given it to God’s hands.

Now, when I look into the face of Middle School, he’s not so scary after all.

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