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Family Matters: Collage of Times Past

As I near the high school graduation of yet another child, my family and I have begun gathering items to celebrate this special occasion. We pull out our large plastic containers of family photos from birth to present and begin the process. As the family sits on the living room floor and thumbs through the photos one by one, what memories it brings back. First we laugh, then I cry, then we laugh (rolling on the floor), I cry again and it goes on for days.  My family finally told me if I did not stop with the tears, I was not going to be allowed to look at any more photos!

In my defense, I am the mother, and the photos bring back so many happy and sad times of our life together as a family. The pictures of my children when they were young and photos with them doing silly things makes me laugh, but also brings tears for how they have grown into beautiful young ladies, not babies anymore. Seeing photos of loved ones we lost floods my heart with sadness, as they will miss this special time of graduation. How quickly time passes us by and so many times we fail to slow down and savor the memories as they are happening.

I will use the photos we gather to make a photo collage slide show that we will share with extended family and friends after graduation as we celebrate her life. What a great thing she will then have to share with her kids one day. Our future grandchildren will be able to see their mother as a child up through graduation and see the joy that she has brought us as her parents.

Our life is but a collage of events that make up who we are as an individual. Every moment from the time we are born, our accomplishments, our failures, each and every life decision we make determines who we become. Remember to take pictures and capture moments that define your family. Though life is not perfect, our children are a blessing sent from God, and we should give thanks daily for what they bring to our life.

Take time with your kids to sit and go through family photos; it is a great way to bring you together for a special time of laughter…and tears. You will be amazed at the feeling you will have sharing so many memories together. Count your blessings daily and give thanks for the time you have to share with your family.

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