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Family Matters: Let the Eating Frenzy Begin

I’d always heard horror stories of the bottomless pits that teenage boys have for stomachs. My friends who have older children have intoned, “Just you wait.”

I think the wait is over.

With an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, it seems food is flying out of the house as quickly as I can go to Brookshire’s to restock.

Last night was the boys’ first night home after a spring break trip. They asked for a veritable feast of hot dogs and hamburgers, so I got out the grill and fired it up. I had purchased a pound of 80/20 hamburger meat, so I made four patties, about a 1/4 pound each. I’d planned on bringing one leftover burger to work today for lunch.

The 11-year-old ate three of them – on a bun, with oven-baked fries, THREE. After the second, I cautioned him about being hungry, waiting a few minutes, listening to his stomach, etc. So he waited…and was still hungry. I couldn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, little brother was the hot dog king, devouring three as well, on buns, with oven-baked fries.

I couldn’t believe it. No leftovers. Not a single one.

Then they ate a cookie. Then the 9-year-old ate a banana. 

Where do they put it all? Where am I going to get it all?

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