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Family Matters: How Does Your Laundry Grow

I’m pretty sure that last week I did 18,327 loads of laundry –  at least.

Between me and my two sons, we can accumulate some serious dirty laundry.

Curt went to camp last week on a school trip, so there was his sleeping bag, two towels that had been balled up under his bunk bed for three days, two washcloths, four pairs of socks he’d walked through the woods in, four pairs of pants he wore to sit on the bank of the lake, three sweatshirts that smelled like campfire smoke, sweat-stained T-shirts and a pair of tennis shoes I strongly suspect went into the lake. All needed to be washed, ASAP.

Then, there was Luke. He had a soccer game Saturday. His new team uniforms are white –  all white.

Who gives 9-year-olds all-white uniforms?

It went through the wash twice, due to the copious grass and mud stains.

I’m not even going to mention the fact that my kids wear something for five minutes and all of a sudden it’s dirty.

As for me, my work clothes go in cold, delicate cycles, so they have to be done separately from the yoga pants and UT Austin sweatshirt that are my weekend uniform.

Luckily, we get all our household essentials at Brookshire’s, so stocking up on laundry detergent, especially when it’s on sale, isn’t a problem.

Now, if only I could get Brookshire’s to come over and fold.

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