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Family Matters: First Times

Remember the first time your child smiled, their first tooth, their first steps, first words, first day of kindergarten?  These are moments as parents that we will always remember and cherish.  As our children continue to grow, they experience the first day of middle school, first boy or girl friend, first broken heart, first day of high school, etc…  No matter how old our children are, they will continue to have “first times” in every area of their life.  As parents we should hold these times close to our heart and not take these moments for granted.

I remember the first time our 18-year-old daughter played Little Dribbler basketball in third grade and the laughter there was in watching her attempt to dribble the ball (or run with it).  As years passed she continued to play, and each year, as she progressed, the more exciting it was to watch her play.  She loves the game of basketball, and in doing so, it taught her leadership, perseverance, hard work and dedication. This year she is a senior, and watching her play was even more extraordinary. We cherished the moments of each game (win or lose) knowing it was her last time on the court.  Senior night was a special time for her to be recognized for her hard work and love of the game and a moment that we were honored to stand by her side.

Now, as she moves forward, there will be the first time she attends college, first time to hold a full-time job, first time…first time…and life goes on.  As parents, we will continue to be there for all the “first times” she encounters and encourage and support her.

Life is unpredictable and “first times” will never come again.  Don’t let your children’s “first times” in life be something you take lightly.  Let them see you smile (or laugh), give them hugs and always tell them “I love you.”  These moments are times they will remember, and it will make a difference in their lives.  Focus on your children and all the “first times” you are blessed to be a part of.  Count your blessings daily and give thanks for the time you are given with them.

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