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Dine In: Shish Kebobs

Mix and Match Shish KebobsThe title of this day’s blog post is always “Dine In Friday,” but today, it’s going to be about dining OUT.

Outside that is.

I know it’s still a little chilly, but you can still cook outside on the grill on a temperate Friday night. It’s even fun when it’s cold, because you can warm your hands near the grill as your food cooks.

We tried this one Friday night recently, and it was a huge hit because we each got to pick our favorite things to put on our “mix and match” shish kebobs. I had an assortment of chicken, pork and steak (because they always seem to come in packages of four and ours is a family of three so there’s always one extra in each package. I just saved it for an occasion such as this.) Then we also had veggies left over from other meals during the week and from school lunches. Luke picked chicken and steak. Curt wanted mostly pork. I put all three meats on a skewer and we chose from green bell peppers, chunks of potato that were already roasted and only needed to be reheated on the grill, mushrooms, onions and cauliflower. Yes, cauliflower. It’s my younger son’s favorite vegetable, and it was delicious grilled. My advice would be to grill your veggie kebobs separately as they won’t take as long to cook as your meats.

Mix and Match Shish Kebobs
Serves 4

1/2 lb chuck roast, cut into 2-inch chunks
2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 2-inch chunks
1/2 lb pork tenderloin, cut into 2-inch chunks
8 large mushrooms
1 large white onion, cut into chunks
8 large cauliflower florets
2 large green bell peppers, cut into thick slices
8 pre-cooked potatoes or canned white potatoes
4 wooden or metal kebob skewers (if using wooden skewers, soak in cold water for 30 minutes prior to use)
Lemon pepper seasoning

Cut all meats and vegetables. Sprinkle liberally with lemon pepper seasoning or seasoning of your choice. Thread onto kebob skewers. Prepare grill to medium-high heat. Place skewers of meat on grill and cook, turning often, until cooked through. When meat is almost finished, place vegetable kebobs on the grill and cook quickly, until vegetables begin to char.

Nutritional Information: Calories: 413, Calories from Fat: 113, Total Fat: 13 g, Cholesterol: 161 mg, Sodium: 151 mg, Total Carbohydrates: 15 g, Dietary Fiber: 4 g, Sugar: 8 g, Protein: 60 g

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