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Healthy Living: Salad Club

I absolutely love salads. I love salads so much my brother often refers to me as a rabbit.  Whether I’m eating at a restaurant or having a light lunch at home, I’m very much content with a big bowl of fresh greens drizzled with an oil and vinegar mixture, topped with fresh in-season fruit and walnuts.

The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs, “A Better Bag of Groceries,” which discusses NuVal scores. It talked about starting a salad club. With my love for salads, I quickly e-mailed a few ladies around the office to see if anyone would be interested in participating in a salad club. I had a few replies of people who would be interested.

Once you’ve found a group of people who are interested in starting a salad club, start a sign-up sheet for different toppings each person will bring. Have each person bring their favorite salad green and a topping. Toppings can be fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

Strawberries: NuVal Score of 100
Blueberries: NuVal Score of 100
Oranges: NuVal Score of 100
Apples: NuVal Score of 96
Pears: NuVal Score of 96
Grapes: NuVal Score of 91
Tomatoes: NuVal Score of 96
Avocados: NuVal Score of 89
Cucumbers: NuVal Score of 93
Carrots: NuVal Score of 99
Mushrooms: NuVal Score of 96
Walnuts: NuVal Score of 82
Almonds: NuVal Score of 81

Pick a day of the week everyone can participate in Salad Club. Have a place you can store all of the Salad Club’s salad dressing and toppings each person can use from week to week. The first week of the Salad Club, ask each person to bring a salad dressing they would like to share with the group. Salad dressing NuVal scores can range from 1 to 24 with the average being a 5. The scores can vary depending on the amount of added sugar, type of fat, and the vitamins the salad dressing.

Food Club Italian Dressing: NuVal Score of 18
Wish-Bone Italian Spritzer: NuVal Score of 16
Full Circle Organic Vinaigrette Dressing: NuVal Score of 14
Food Club Zesty Italian Dressing: NuVal Score of 12
Kraft Zesty Italian: NuVal Score of 11
Food Club Lite Italian Dressing: NuVal Score of 11
Full Circle Organic Honey Mustard Dressing: NuVal Score of 9
Newman’s Own Honey Mustard: NuVal Score of 7
Kraft Light Creamy Caesar Dressing: NuVal Score of 7
Food Club Fat Free Ranch: NuVal Score of 4
Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch: NuVal Score of 4
Kraft French Salad Dressing: NuVal Score of 3
Food Club Blue Cheese: NuVal Score of 3

Have fun each week experimenting with different salad mixtures!

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