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Dine-In: Crispy Fish Tacos

Cinco de Mayo wasn’t a holiday I knew much about until I moved to Texas. And even though I moved here 26 years ago, it seems that the celebration hasn’t garnered much attention in my world until the past few years.

One of the most wonderful benefits of our Hispanic population growing in the United States is the wonderful culture and cuisine that has found its way into our homes and on our tables. Tacos and margaritas may have originated from Mexico, but they seem to have become as American as apple pie!

We’re starting our Cinco celebration tonight, simply because I am always looking for another excuse to enjoy Mexican food. The upcoming May issue of Celebrate Cooking (the Brookshire’s food magazine available for free in all of our Brookshire’s stores) is full of fantastic Mexican and Tex-Mex recipes, such as these recipes for Crispy Fish Tacos and Classic Margaritas.

View a video of the Crispy Fish Tacos preparation or view the recipe to print or add items to your Shopping List.

It’s easy to think of America’s favorite food holidays as Thanksgiving and Fourth of July, but Cinco de Mayo is one of the most delicious food celebrations we can adopt from our Hispanic neighbors!

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