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Family Matters: Baseball and Hot Dogs

Throughout the year there are two seasons I look forward to. The first one is without a doubt my favorite – Christmas. There’s just something magical in the cool, crisp Christmas air! The other season I look forward to is baseball season. I count down the days to when the gates swing open at the Ballpark in Arlington and the first pitch flies straight into the opponent’s strike zone.

I grew up with a love for baseball. After World War II my Poppy was a pitcher in a softball farm league. Growing up he would take my brother and I to what we called “the lot.” He would pitch ball after ball to us until we hit a game winning home run. When I started playing softball I was fortunate enough to be the pitcher and I knew it made my Poppy proud. To this day people still tell me what a great pitcher my Poppy was. I truly cherish the time we spent at the lot playing softball and I feel he is where I got my love for baseball.

Every year I anticipate going to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch a Rangers game.  The excitement of the fans all around you makes the experience worthwhile. The one thing that makes the trip to the ballpark outstanding is a juicy, ballpark hot dog. Having a hot dog while the warm, Texas sun is beaming down on you, the fans are cheering, and your team is winning makes the perfect package for a wonderful game. I was unable to watch the Ranger’s Opening Day victory, but that evening my family enjoyed a hot dog in honor of Opening Day. I know hot dogs are not the most nutritious choice of protein, but having one occasionally for a baseball game is just fine. Of course I used the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System when picking out which hot dog I would enjoy. This is what I discovered about NuVal hot dog scores:

Ballpark Beef Hot Dogs: NuVal Score 7
Oscar Mayer Beef Hot Dogs: NuVal Score 9
Jennie-O Turkey Hot Dogs: NuVal Score 12
Oscar Mayer Turkey Hot Dogs: NuVal Score 14
Ballpark Turkey Hot Dogs: NuVal Score 23
Hebrew National 99% Fat Free Beef Hot Dogs NuVal 23

We all know a hot dog is not complete without a bun. While scanning the buns this is what I found:

Mrs. Bairds Hot Dog Buns: NuVal Score 24
Sara Lee Heart Healthy Hot Dog Buns: NuVal Score 29
Nature’s Own Whitewheat Hot Dog Buns: NuVal Score 33

Hot dogs are fun treats for watching baseball on a Friday night or fireworks on Fourth of July!

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