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Healthy Living: Weight loss and your metabolism

How is your metabolism? This is a question I asked myself only last week. If you’re under the age of 30, you almost don’t have a care in the world, as far as your metabolism is concerned. For the rest of us however, long gone are the days of eating whatever we want and staying thin and healthy.

My personal fitness routine as of late has been solely comprised of weightlifting and eating, not much cardio. Once I reached a point where my pants started to get tight, I started running. In the past this was an easy fix, and I would lose a  few pounds quickly, but this time around, I actually gained weight! This is when I asked myself the question: How is your metabolism?

Metabolism, by definition, is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to sustain life. The speed of metabolism, usually called the metabolic rate, influences how much food an organism will require, and also affects how it is able to obtain that food, or for us, our physical fitness level.

My metabolism has begun to slow down drastically due to my less strict eating habits, my lack of cardio, and my age. By boosting your metabolism, you boost the rate at which your body burns through its fuel, your food. Unfortunately, there is no magic way to just increase your metabolism, but a few simple things can help you get your metabolism where you want it.

Exercise is just one part of the equation. You must exert some energy! Your food, however, is the foundation. Small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day will help to increase your metabolism better than starving yourself all day, then pigging out. Eat a very light breakfast like an egg or a piece of wheat toast, a snack at around 9:30 like an apple or another type of fruit, a light lunch around noon or so, like a salad or something high in protein, and then another veggie or fruit snack at around 2:30. This  will definitely kick start your metabolism. This way of eating also allows you to cheat a little bit for dinner! And the beauty of boosting your metabolism is that when you do have a cheat dinner or meal, your body burns through it better!

Weight loss is not as easy as it was when we were in high school;  it does take work. But it is easier to maintain than to lose, and once you reach your target weight, maintaining a good metabolism will go a long way in helping you stay thin and healthy!

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