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Healthy Living: Smarter, safer cosmetics

Take a look in your makeup bag. Do you have any idea how long some of that stuff has been in there?

If you can’t guess, it may well be time to toss some of it out. Although cosmetics are not required to be labeled with a “use-by” date, most makeup products are designed with a shelf life of one to two years.

This isn’t just so that the colors stay true – it can be important to your health and your skin.

In some items, creams and oils may go rancid after a certain length of time. And in others, contamination by germs from your mouth, eyes or fingers is possible, especially after some period of use. This is especially true of mascara; the Food and Drug Administration, along with most manufacturers, suggests that you keep mascara just two to four months.

These recommendations are a great incentive for you to try some cosmetics from one of the newer companies on the market, e.l.f.

e.l.f., which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face and has been around for less than a decade, specializes in smaller-sized, lower-priced products. In fact, they’re so small that you may use them up well before it’s time to throw them away.

And at such low prices – many items cost just one dollar! – even if you don’t use them up in the recommended timeframe, you won’t feel ripped off if you have to discard an eyeshadow or mascara.

The low prices also make e.l.f. a great starter line for younger girls, rather than getting them hooked on expensive department store lines. And, it’s a fun way to experiment with that crazy shade of nail polish or an unusual color of eye shadow that you might not splurge on if it cost $10 instead of just a buck.

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