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Healthy Living: Allergy & Asthma

April showers bring May flowers, and what do May flowers bring? Not pilgrims, but sneezes, teary eyes, itching, and other forms of allergenic reactions from those beautiful May flowers. Even those with extrinsic asthma may experience more reactions from the increased pollen in the air.

Brookshire’s is here to help treat your allergenic or asthmatic needs. Through a wide variety of medicines, a friendly pharmacy and providing you with knowledge, we are here to help treat your pesky allergy symptoms.

Those with asthma usually suffer from two types: extrinsic or intrinsic. Whatever your triggers may be asthma can cause your airways to become inflamed and constricted. At Brookshire’s Pharmacy we are eager to meet your medicinal needs, and help provide you with your asthma medicine in a timely fashion so that you can stay happy, healthy, and breathing.

Most individuals who live in East Texas experience some form of allergy problems at some point throughout the year. Whether it is pollen, mold, or even pet dander, allergies can run a person down. Stuffy noses, sinus headaches, and watery eyes can be aggravating and distracting. At Brookshire’s, let our staff help you find convenient and affordable ways to treat and prevent your symptoms.

So don’t let your allergies or asthma become a burden. Instead, drop by your local Brookshire’s where we will work to not only help treat your symptoms, but try to make it where you can enjoy those May flowers too.

Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist,

Dr. Charlotte Weller

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