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Healthy Living: Avoiding the Recalls

Top CareAs of late, drug recalls have seemed to be running rampant from familiar, traditional brands such as Johnson & Johnson to common household items such as McNeil’s Tylenol or Sudafed. In the midst of these recalls, it’s hard to know whether you’ve purchased a recalled item, or what brand names you can trust. Thankfully, Brookshire’s has provided a simple solution to the problems caused by the unsettling recalls.

Top Care.

Top Care is Brookshire’s own brand of health care products that are closely monitored and haven’t been affected by the recalls. Supplying a vast array of medicines and other personal needs, Top Care offers an easy alternative. Whether you’ve got a stubborn headache or allergies are getting you down, Top Care has a variety of generics that are affordable, convenient, and most importantly, effective.

So avoid the recall issue altogether, and let Brookshire’s find a way to make your shopping more convenient and enjoyable.

Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist,

Dr. Charlotte Weller

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