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Family Matters: Dry Food vs. Wet Food

Dry food versus wet food is a great debate when wondering which kind of food to feed your cat. Before changing your cat’s diet always check with their vet.  One question to ask yourself is, when will I be feeding my cat? If you are going to be gone all day and are concerned about your cat getting hungry you may want to try dry food. With dry food, you can leave it out all day for your cat to snack on without the food going bad.

If you know that you will have time to feed your cat during the day, you may want to try wet food, so you can feed your cat fresh food when they get hungry. Another benefit to dry food is it helps your cat’s teeth stay clean, so you do not have to brush their teeth as often. You may want to talk to your cat’s vet to see if there are any recommendation on a specific kind of cat food that your cat may need.


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